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2023 12 Acquired Family Friendly Certificate from Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Netmarble wins grand prize at 1st Korea ESG Awards of Korean ESG Association
11 Metaverse Entertainment’s Idol group, ‘MAVE:’ releases the first EP album, ‘What’s my name’
Netmarble wins 3 awards including 'TikTok of the Year' at 'SNS Of The Year Award'
Netmarble wins two categories including ESG Contents category at the ‘Korea Interactive Communication Award’
Netmarble’s G-Tower wins the Minister of Environment Award at the '14th Artificial Ground Greening Award'
Netmarble Rowing Team wins a total of 13 medals at the 43rd 'National Para Games'
Netmarble unveils 3 new titles (‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin’, ‘DEMIS RE:BORN’, ‘RF ONLINE NEXT’) for the G-Star and ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin’ nominated as the ‘Game of G-Star 2023’
‘Netmarble Foundation’ selected as an outstanding organization for cultural sponsorship in 2023, nominated by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
10 Netmarble Rowing Team wins a silver medal at ‘Asian Para Games 2023 at Hangzhou’
Netmarble wins the grand prize at the ‘Korea SNS Awards 2023’
Netmarble Rowing Team wins 17 medals at the '2023 Seoul Mayor's Cup National Para-Rowing Competition', managed by Seoul Para Sports Association
09 Netmarble's <Tower of Gods: New World> Selected as 'Game of the Month 2023, Second Half'
Netmarble launches Mobile Idle RPG, <Seven Knights Idle Adventure> globally
Netmarble F&C nominated as 'Korea's Best Employer' for 3 consecutive years
Netmarble Foundation hosts the ‘2023 National eFestival’ for students with Disabilities
08 Netmarble launches MMORTS <GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS> globally
Netmarble Rowing Team Wins 14 medals at the '2023 Chungju Tangeum Lake National Para Rowing Competition'
07 Netmarble wins 6 Awards at the 'Social i-Award 2023' for 3 consecutive years
Netmarble launches Collectible RPG <Tower of Gods: New World> globally
Netmarble North American Subsidiary Jam City launches <DC Heroes and Villains> globally
06 Netmarble releases 2023 ESG Report
Netmarble Rowing Team wins 20 medals at the ‘2023 National Para Rowing Championships’
Netmarble ranks 9th among global mobile game publishers···Top 10 for 8th consecutive year
Netmarble unveils three new games (‘Tower of God: New World’, ‘GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITAN’, ‘Seven Knights Idle Adventure’) at Netmarble’s media showcase
04 Netmarble ranked No.1 in ‘Social Media Interaction Competitiveness’ for 6 consecutive years in the game sector
Netmarble launches Metaverse Board Game <Meta World: My City> globally
Netmarble acquires global privacy certification ‘APEC CBPR’
Netmarble F&C, signs MOU with Korean Air to establish a strategic partnership
01 Metaverse Entertainment’s first-ever Idol group, ‘MAVE:’ releases the first album, ‘Pandora Box’
2022 12 Netmarble joined UN Global Compact (UNGC)
Netmarble N2 received the Presidential Commendation Award at <2022 Government Award for Merit in Job Creation>
<Merge Fantasy Island> won the Excellence Award at Google Play’s Best of Awards 2022
11 Netmarble’s New Media Team won the Grand Prize at the ‘8th Social Media of The Year Award’(Facebook)
Netmarble published 2022 ESG Report
Netmarble’s New Media Team won in two categories at the ‘2022 15th Korea Interactive Communication Award’ in two consecutive years (Korea Social Media Awards, Korea Digital Content Award)
Netmarble revealed 4 upcoming titles at the G-Star 2022
Netmarble won 2 prizes from ‘2022 Korea Game Awards’ (Merge Fantasy Island: Excellence Award, Seven Knights Revolution: Technology Creation Award-Graphic)
Netmarble launched <The King of Fighters Arena> globally
Netmarble’s blockchain subsidiary MARBLEX launched MBX 2.0 Ecosystem
Netmarble opens Netmarble Character Park at G-Tower
10 Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s ‘Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team’ won 11 medals at the 42nd National Para Games
Netmarble holds 3rd Game Developer Forum(GDF)
09 Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team won 17 medals at 2022 Fall National Para Rowing Games
Netmarble’s mobile casual merge game <Merge Fantasy Island> awarded ‘Game of the Month’ by the Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)
08 Netmarble N2 and Netmarble F&C are listed on ‘2022 Best Companies for Employment in Korea’
Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s ‘Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team’ won 19 medals at the 2022 Chungju Tangeumho National Para Rowing Games
07 Netmarble launched Open-world MMORPG <Seven Knights Revolution> in Korea (Reaches Top Popularity in App Store and Google Play and Top Grossing in App Store)
Netmarble received ‘Grade A’ from MSCI ESG evaluation
Netmarble New Media Team won 4 awards at ‘Social i-Award 2022’ for two consecutive years
Netmarble won the prize at ‘2022 Korea Environmental Awards’
06 Netmarble Cultural Foundation's’ ‘Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team’ won 13 medals at 2022 Yeongsan River National Para Rowing Game
Netmarble’s North America subsidiary Kabam launched Mobile Action RPG <Disney Mirrorverse> globally
Netmarble F&C incorporated Floppy Games as a subsidiary, where developed RPG ‘Phantom Chaser’
Netmarble launched mobile casual merge game <Merge Fantasy Island> globally
<Marvel Future Revolution> won in Innovation category at ‘Apple Design Awards’
05 Netmarble launched <Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds> globally (Excluding regions where it has already been launched, such as Korea, Japan)
Netmarble’s own cryptocurrency MBX Token listed on Bithumb
Netmarble invested in shares to an animation studio, MillionVolt
04 Netmarble’s G-Tower acquired ISO 45001 Certification
Netmarble ranked 10th among global mobile publishers in 2022 for 7 consecutive years (data.ai)
03 Netmarble published the first ESG report, revealing its sustainable management strategy and performance
Netmarble’s New Media Team won the 1st place at Social Media Communication Competitiveness in the game category for 5 consecutive years
Netmarble launched official service of its own blockchain ecosystem MBX and MBX Wallet
Netmarble and Coway donated 5 billion won to help repair the damage from forest fire
Netmarble officially launches <Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022> in Korea
Netmarble ranked 1st in the Game Division of ‘Brandstar Korea 2022’ for 9 consecutive years
02 Netmarble F&C partnered with Binance
Netmarble signs a strategic investment contract with Brave Entertainment
Netmarble awarded the Minister Award in ‘Top Workplace Korea 2022’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
01 Netmarble F&C acquired blockchain-based game company ITAM Games
2021 12 <Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds> won 'First Award' in gaming at Google Play’s Best of 2021
<MARVEL Future Revolution> won 'iPad Game of the Year' at Apple’s App Store Awards 2021
Netmarble won 'Overseas Entry Merit Award' by the Minister at 2021 Korea Content Awards (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
Netmarble Cultural Foundation won 'Korea Educational Donation Grand Prize' in the institutional category for the first in the game industry (Ministry of Education)
Netmarble donated 2,200 bags of rice to local community in celebration of construction completion of new HQ, G-Tower
Netmarble established ESG Management Council
11 <Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds> won 'Technical Creativity Award (sound category)' at 2021 Korea Game Awards
Netmarble launched mobile collectible RPG, <Seven Knights2> in 172 countries worldwide
Netmarble won in 2 categories at the 2021 14th Korea Communication Awards (Korea Internet Communication Association)
Netmarble AI Center achieves first place in Automatic Post Editing Task at 'EMNLP 2021'
10 Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s 'Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team' won 12 medals at the 41st National Para Games
<Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds> was selected as 'The Best Game of the Month' in the second half of 2021 by Korea Creative Content Agency
Netmarble Healer.B launched contemporary art & beauty brand 'V&A Beauty'
Metaverse Entertainment established strategic partnership with Kakao Entertainment
09 Netmarble acquired global 3rd social casino game company, 'SpinX Games'
Jam City acquired Canada mobile game developer, 'Ludia'
Netmarble Cultural Foundation held '2021 e-Festival for Students with Disabilities'
Netmarble Cultural Foundation established 35th Game Academy Exhibition
08 Netmarble launched mobile open-world MMORPG <MARVEL Future Revolution> in 240 countries
Netmarble won 4 awards at Social i-Award (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog)
Netmarble F&C established 'Metaverse Entertainment'
Netmarble entered into MOU with Studio Dragon for joint IP development
07 <Seven Knights2> was selected as 'The Best Game of the Month' in the first half of 2021 by Korea Creative Content Agency
06 Netmarble launched mobile MMORPG <Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds> in 5 countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao). (Reaches Top Grossing in App Store and Google Play for Korea and Taiwan markets)
Netmarble established beauty & health platform, 'Netmarble Healer.B'
04 Netmarble launched mobile puzzle-based basketball game, <NBA Ball Stars> in 162 countries
Netmarble ranked 1st in 2021 Korea Digital Customer Satisfaction Index(HTHI: Heart To Heart Index) in gaming for 4 consecutive years, and won YouTube category for SNS Excellence Award (Korea Marketing Association)
03 Netmarble relocated into new HQ, 'G-Tower'
Netmarble launched mobile MMORPG, <Blade & Soul Revolution> in western 149 countries
02 Netmarble ranked 8th among global mobile publishers in 2021. First Korean Gaming Company to rank TOP 10 for 6 consecutive years (App Annie)
Netmarble US acquired US game developer, 'KungFu Factory'
2020 12 Global Launch of 'MARVEL Realm of Champions' by North American subsidiary Kabam
Selected as 'Korea's Top 100 Brand' by Brandstock for 5 consecutive years
Netmarble Cultural Foundation held 3rd Game Concert of 2020 online
Selected as 'Korea Public Interest Corporation' by Social Responsibility Research Institute of Public Institutions & SR Media
Netmarble Cultural Foundation held Game Communication Camp online celebrating Netmarble’s 20th anniversary of foundation
11 Global Launch of Mobile Battle Royale MMORPG 'A3: STILL ALIVE'
Global Launch of Netmarble's first console game 'Seven Knights -Time Wanderer-'
Launch of Mobile Collectible MMORPG 'Seven Knights 2' in Korea
Launch of Mobile Baseball Game 'Magu Magu 2020' in Taiwan
Unveils "Monica", deep learning-based mobile voice recognition technology at the International AI Conference 2020 NIPS(Neural Information Processing Systems) (First voice starter and voice activated command in game)
'A3: STILL ALIVE' won Excellence Award at the '2020 Korea Game Awards'
10 Netmarble Cultural Foundation received the 'Korea Culture and Arts Awards for the Disabled' for the first in the game industry
Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team won 15 medals at the National Paralympic Rowing Championship
Netmarble Cultural Foundation held 2nd Game Concert of 2020 online
09 Global Launch of Interactive Social Game 'BTS Universe Story'
SF MMORPG 'RF Online' Original IP Acquisition
08 Mobile RPG 'Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS' won the Excellence Prize in Visual Arts at Japan's CEDEC Awards 2020
Netmarble and Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities signed MOU with the goal of creating a friendly environment for the disabled
Netmarble Cultural Foundation opened the 34th ‘Game Play Center for Students with Disabilities’ celebrating 20th anniversary of the founding
Netmarble Cultural Foundation held 1st Game Concert of 2020 online
Netmarble-Coway donates KRW 1 billion to support recovery from torrential rain disaster
07 Launch of Mobile Baseball Game 'Magu Magu 2020' in Korea
Held '2020 Netmarble Creator Day by Youtube'
06 Global Launch of Pet Collection MMORPG ‘StoneAge World’
05 Achieved no.1 in Social Communication Competitiveness on Game Category in '2020 8th Korea Digital Customer Satisfaction Survey' for 3 consecutive years
Mobile MMORPG 'Blade & Soul Revolution' officially released in 24 Asian countries
Netmarble Cultural Foundation held 'The 1st Game In Life Contest' for the entire nation
Netmarble Cultural Foundation opened 5th Game Academy
03 Ranked 6th in global mobile game publishers in 2019 (App Annie)
Global Launch of Mobile RPG 'Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS'
Launch of Open World MMORPG 'A3: STILL ALIVE' in Korea
Global Launch of Mobile Drawing Quiz Game 'Koongya Draw Party'
Ranked no.1 in the game category of '2020 Korean Brand Star' for 7 consecutive years
02 Acquisition of Coway, the leader of Korean home appliances rental market
Netmarble-Coway donates KRW 2 billion to support prevention and damage recovery of COVID-19
01 Netmarble Cultural Foundation held 4th Game Academy Exhibition
2019 12 Netmarble Cultural Foundation won Grand Prize of ‘2019 First and Foremost Movement for Persons with Disabilities Awards’
Lineage 2: Revolution, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR named in the ‘Game Trend of the Year – Blockbusters Reborn’ category of the ‘App Store Best of 2019’
Netmarble US won ‘Korean Business of the Year’ at Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) 15th DARI Awards 2019
Channel Netmarble won Participation Prize of ‘2019 Korea Blog Awards’
11 North American subsidiary ‘Jam City’ globally launched Disney Frozen Adventures
BTS WORLD won ‘Mobile Game of the Year’ at 37th Golden Joystick Awards 2019
Won four prizes at the 2019 Korea Game Awards: Blade & Soul Revolution, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Koongya Catch Mind – Excellence Award / BTS WORLD – Good Game Award
Netmarble’s Chairman Bang Jun-Hyuk honored as the Master Award Winner at the 13th ‘EY Entrepreneur Of The Year’ in Korea
Won two prizes at the ‘12th Korea Communication Awards’ – Grand Prize for ‘Korea Social Media Award’ and ‘Korea Empathy Content Award’
10 Global launch of mobile action RPG THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR
Abolished ‘Comprehensive Wage System’
Surpassed 2.5 million subscribers for four Netmarble YouTube channel
Named as the best company of ‘2019 Korea Highest Brand’ (Game Category) 4th year in a row
09 Netmarble Cultural Foundation held ‘2019 eFestival for Students with Disabilities’
Netmarble Cultural Foundation opened the 33rd ‘Game Play Center for Students with Disabilities’ (Chungcheongbuk-do Special Education Center)
08 Launched mobile quiz game Koongya Catch Mind in Korea
North American subsidiary ‘Jam City’ globally launched Vineyard Valley
Signed a global publishing contract for HTML 5-based MMO Mad World
06 Global launch of BTS Management Game BTS WORLD
Launch of collectible RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross in Korea and Japan
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross reached #1 Top Grossing on the App Store in Japan
05 Launch of mobile action RPG THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR in Korea
Netmarble Cultural Foundation opened 4th Game Academy
04 Netmarble Cultural Foundation held ‘Everyone Understanding the Difference Picture Book Exhibition’
03 Netmarble Cultural Foundation launched industry-first ‘Netmarble Adaptive Rowing Team’
Ranked No.1 in ‘2019 Korea Brand Star’ (Game Category)
02 Ranked 5th in global mobile game sales in 2018
Ranked 5th in TOP Publisher Awards (TPA 2018) by App Annie
2018 12 Launched mobile MMORPG 'Blade & Soul Revolution' in Korea
Acquired Family Friendly Certificate from Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
11 North American subsidiary Jam City, Inc., acquired Yuken Games Bingo Pop
'Knights Chronicle' and 'Iron Throne' won Grand Prize of 2018 Best Korean Games
09 Netmarble Cultural Foundation held 2018 Handicapped Student eFestival
Acquired ISO27001 certification
07 Opened the 32nd Handicapped Student Game Culture Experience Hall
06 Global release of animation RPG 'Knights Chronicle'
05 Equity investment to BigHit Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Global launch of next generation MMO strategy game 'Iron Throne'
04 North American subsidiary 'Jam City' launched 'Harry Potter: Hogwart Mystery' in North America and Europe
Opened Netmarble store
Global launch of mobile fishing game 'Fishing Strike'
03 Established Netmarble AI Revolution Center (NARC)
Implemented ‘Selective Working Hours ' to improve employee’s working environment
'Channel Netmarble' won Best Content Prize of 2017 Korea Blog Award
01 Netmarble ranked 3rd in global mobile publisher in 2017
Established Netmarble Cultural Foundation
2017 12 Lineage 2: Revolution named “Best Game of 2017” by Google Play in 6 countries.
Lineage 2: Revolution named “Most Competitive Game of 2017” by Google Play Japan.
Penta Storm named “Most Competitive Game of 2017” by Google Play Korea.
Netmarble named one of the “100 Brands of Korea” (BSTI).
11 Netmarble wins two prizes at the 2017 Korea Game Awards: Lineage 2: Revolution - Grand Prize; Penta Storm - Popularity Award
Netmarble wins two awards at Thailand Game Show (TGS) Big Festival 2017: Lineage 2: Revolution - Mobile Game of the Year; Everybody’s Marble - Casual Game of the Year
Netmarble announces Tera M, Blade and Soul: Revolution, Seven Knights 2, IcarusM, etc. at G-STAR.
Netmarble wins the 2017 EDAILY Occupation Grand Prize Chairman’s Award (Service category).
10 Netmarble wins the 2017 Money Today’s IR Grand Prize.
09 Netmarble’s Chairman Bang Jun-Hyuk wins the 26th Dasan Management Award (Business Pioneer category).
08 Lineage 2: Revolution reaches #1 Top Grossing in Japanese App Store.
07 MARVEL Contest of Champions reaches #1 Top Grossing in the United States App Store.
06 Lineage 2: Revolution reaches #1 Top Grossing in 6 Asian countries on both Google Play and the App Store.
05 Netmarble Games Listed on the stock market (KOSPI).
03 Netmarble ranked 9th Top Global Mobile Publisher for 2016 (App Store and Google Play combined).
02 Netmarble acquires Kabam's Vancouver Studio.
Netmarble ranked 4th Top Global Mobile Publisher (App Store and Google Play combined, January 2017); Lineage 2: Revolution reaches #2 Global Top Grossing.
Netmarble Japan wins the Korea Creative Content Agency’s Korea Content Lovers Award (Business category).
2016 12 Netmarble’s company blog is the first in the gaming industry to exceed 20 million visitors.
Netmarble wins the Korean Content Awards’ Prime Minister's Commendation (Overseas [Export] Contribution Category).
Seven Knights named "Best Use of Facebook Live” by Facebook Indonesia.
Seven Knights named "Best Trending Game of 2016" by Google Play Japan.
Netmarble wins "Mobile Game of the Year" at Thailand Game Show (TGS) Big Festival 2016.
Lineage 2: Revolution reaches Top Grossing #1 on the App Store and Google Play.
Netmarble named one of BSTI’s Top 100 Brands of Korea for the 4th Year in a Row.
Knights of Night [KON] named "Most Beautiful Game" by Google Play Korea.
Stone Age Begins named "Most Competitive Game" by Google Play Korea.
Stone Age Begins wins award for Creativity (Mobile Games) at the 2016 G-Rank Awards.
11 Netmarble wins 2 awards at the 2016 Korea Game Awards: Stone Age Begins - Grand Prize; Contribution to Society Runner-up.
Netmarble sponsors 2016 G-STAR and attends B2C (Lineage 2: Revolution, Star Wars™: Force Arena, Penta Storm).
10 Stone Age Begins reaches #1 Top Grossing on the App Store and Google Play in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
07 Stone Age Begins reaches #1 Top Grossing on the App Store and Google Play in Korea.
06 Netmarble signs an MOU with Korea Industrial Complex Corp. to establish G-Valley G-Square.
Seven Knights becomes the first Korean game to reach #3 Top Grossing on the Japanese App Store.
01 Seven Knights named “Game of the Month” at the G-Rank Awards.
2015 12 Netmarble ranked 8th in global mobile game revenue for 2015 (App Store and Google Play combined).
RAVEN [EvilBane], Idea, and MARVEL Future Fight named “Best Games of 2015” by Google Play.
Chairman Bang Jun-Hyuk receives the Order of Industrial Service bronze award for Netmarble’s contribution to job creation.
11 RAVEN [EvilBane] wins the Presidential Award at the Korean Game Awards (Netmarble wins a total of 6 awards).
Netmarble ranked 1st in global mobile game revenue on Google Play.
10 Everybody’s Marble named “Best Mobile Game” at Thailand Game Show (TGS) Big Festival for the second year in a row.
07 Netmarble acquires US-based mobile game developer SGN for USD 130 million.
03 RAVEN [EvilBane] becomes the highest-grossing game on the App Store and Google Play in Korea.
02 Netmarble enters into strategic partnership with NCsoft.
2014 10 Netmarble Games Corp. established. (Merger of CJ Netmarble Corp. and CJ Games Corp.)
09 Seven Knights reaches #1 Top Grossing in Korea.
08 Everybody’s Marble reaches #1 Top Grossing in Thailand.
Netmarble separates from CJ Group.
06 Netmarble Mobile Games breaks 100 million downloads.
03 Netmarble procures $533 Million USD from Tencent, the largest investment in the IT Industry.
02 Netmarble reaches #1 in game brand valuation (BSTI).
2013 11 Netmarble wins 2 awards at the 2013 Korea Game Awards: Monster Taming - Grand Prize; Everybody’s Marble - Popularity Award
09 Monster Taming reaches #1 Top Grossing in Korea.
07 Everybody’s Marble reaches #1 Top Grossing in Korea, becoming the fastest game to reach 10 million downloads.
05 Magu Magu 2013 reaches #1 Top Grossing in Korea.
04 Netmarble acquires JOYGAME, the #1 Turkish gaming company.
01 China branch established.
Everybody ChaChaCha reaches #1 Top Grossing in Korea.
2012 07 Taiwan branch (Joybomb) established.
06 Turn On Games established.
Netmarble US established. Netmarble enters the North American market.
04 Thailand branch (Stand Best Tech) established.
Indonesia branch established.
03 Netmarble launches a Mobile Business department and propels the smartphone business.
2011 11 Netmarble acquires Nuriensoft; Nuriensoft becomes a subsidiary.
Netmarble N2 established (formerly N2 play).
CJ Games established as a development holding company.
03 Netmarble merges with On Media, CJ Internet, Mnet Media, CJ Media, and CJ Entertainment to form CJ E&M Corporation.
01 Netmarble invests in Blue Pepper, a mobile specialist development studio.
2010 05 Netmarble reaches 30 million users.
03 Netmarble acquires Media Web.
02 Netmarble acquires Netmarble Monster (formerly Seed9 Games) and ReBORN Games (formerly CJ Game Lab).
2009 03 Netmarble becomes an official sponsor of the Korean Pro Baseball League ('09 - '10 CJ Magu Magu Professional Baseball).
2008 11 Sudden Attack ranked #1 Korean Online PC Game for the longest consecutive period.
(#1 for 106 Weeks in a row, GameTrix)
03 Netmarble named “Korea’s Highest Customer Satisfaction” (Web Board Game Category) for the 2nd year in a row.
2007 11 Koong-Ya Adventure wins 3 awards at the Korea Game Awards, including the Excellence Award (Online Game Category).
2006 01 Sudden Attack reaches 250,000 concurrent users (CCU); Netmarble reaches 430,000 CCU.
2005 12 Netmarble named “Best Internet Corporation of the Year.”
(Korean Ministry of Information and Communication’s Minister Award) (Korean Internet Corporate Association)
09 Netmarble N Park (formerly Ani-park) becomes a subsidiary of Netmarble.
04 Netmarble releases KTF GPANG, the first 3D Mobile Game Service.
Netmarble enters the mobile game publishing business.
2004 12 Netmarble launches Mobile Dae-Bak Mat-Goas, a unified wired and wireless network.
09 CJ Internet Japan Inc. established as a joint venture with Soft Bank Group.
Netmarble enters mobile market with KTF partnership.
06 Netmarble joins CJ Group; name changes to CJ Internet Corp.
2003 12 Ya-Chae Boo-Rak-Ri wins the Education Award and Functionality Award at the Korea Game Awards.
Netmarble wins the Golden Brand Ethics Management Award.
11 Netmarble reaches 20 million users.
09 Netmarble acquires Plenus Investment Corp. and changes the name (First RTO/Reverse Takeover).
2002 04 Catch Mind becomes the first game to use an in-app purchases model.
01 Netmarble reaches 10 million users.
2001 05 Netmarble hosts the first gaming industry school competition.
01 Netmarble launches Lagheim, the first online game publishing business in the gaming industry.
2000 11 Netmarble launches Netmarble, the first game portal service.
03 Netmarble established.