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2022 ESG Report

We present 'Everyone's ESG' created by Netmarble
through our ESG report.
Please check Netmarble's efforts in each field of
E, S, and G for ESG management through
our second ESG report, 'Netmarble ESG Report 2022'.

2021 ESG Report

Netmarble is publishing this first ESG Report to
communicate transparently with our stakeholders
regarding the economic, social, and environmental values
and achievements we have created through our
anagement activities.
We will annually disclose our sustainable management
activities, achievements, and plans through the
publication of this report.

ESG Assessment
(Morgan Stanley Capital International)
ESG Rating

As of JUL 2022

(Korea Institute of Corporate
Governance and Sustainability)

As of 2022 (Environmental C / Social B+ / Governance B)


As of 2022