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Set a solid foundation for a healthy gaming environment that can be enjoyed
by everyone.

Netmarble’s goal is to create a culture where everyone can freely play and enjoy games regardless of physical and social attributes.
In order to achieve this goal, Netmarble has planned and carried out many activities such as Game Experience Centers, National e Feastival
Competitions for Students with Disabilities.

  • Play Center
    • Provide opportunities for students with disabilities to experience various activities including gaming.
    • Donate equipment and devices to special education schools required for gaming experiences.
    • Develop and distribute recreation/education programs using PC, mobile, VR, and other hightech devices.
    • Conduct research and hold conferences about impacts of game culture on students with disabilities.
  • National e Festival Competitions for Students with Disabilities
    • Host National e Feastival competitions for students with disabilities, teachers, and other students from all over Korea.
    • Netmarble has collaborated with the Korea Institute for Special Education and the Korea Creative Content Agency to host the eSports competitions since 2009.
    • Allows everyone to participate in a friendly competition through the gaming medium.
    • Boosts the self-esteem of the students, while establishing a sense of accomplishment.
  • Family Program
    • Education on communication and relationship building using games. Designed for elementary school students and parents.
    • Overcome various opinion differences about game between parents and children by understanding game industry, game career prospects, and positive aspects of games.
    • Contribute to continuous improvements on family relationships by providing educational content and parent forum.
  • Game Concert
    • Invite specialist and professionals to hold an annual open forum sharing insights on game industry and culture.
    • Lecture and discussion by specialist and professionals on trends and the outlook of game industries.
    • Establish a communication channel to resolve questions about game industry and culture.
  • Game in Life Contest
    • Reveal various values of game. Holding contest about changes in life invoked by game.
    • Enhance public attention on game culture. Awarding best cases(stories) among various areas.
    • Contribute to positive game culture expansion. Exhibition of winning cases and creating derivative work.
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Contact: csr@netmarble.com

Introduce potential value of game industry and provide actual experience opportunities.

Provide variety of education and opportunities for future leaders to accumulate knowledge and experiences and design their future.

  • Game Academy
    • Educate game development skills and necessary knowledge for future game developers.
    • Operate in-depth education courses such as mentoring programs with professional instructors.
    • Provide opportunities to accomplish game development through contests and exhibitions.
  • Tour Program
    • This field trip program to Netmarble HQ targets high school and college students who are interested in the gaming industry.
    • Deepens and improves the participants’ understanding of the gaming industry by receiving professional mentoring from Netmarble employees and getting to observe them at work.
    • Plan field trips for the children of employees during summer and winter vacation.
  • Rowing Team with Disability
    • First to establish a sports team with disabilities within game industry.
    • Contribute to long-term independence of athletes with disabilities and promote disability sports.
    • Participate in domestic and international competitions such as National Paralympic Games and World Championships.

Contact: csr@netmarble.com

Giving and sharing in the community

Create opportunities for all affiliated parties, from players of Netmarble games to Netmarble employees, to participate in volunteer services, charities, etc. as part of Netmarble’s CSR activities to encourage a fun and giving culture.

  • Companion Series
    • Publish children's books to share the importance of respecting diversity and coexistence.
    • Provide opportunities to share the value of diversity and discuss the way forward by holding conferences and exhibitions.
    • Donating books to various education/welfare institutions.
  • Opportunities for Volunteer & Charity Work
    • Enhance donation culture within the company through employee donations, volunteer activities vitalization and ‘Sharing Day’ promotion.
    • Exercise corporate social responsibility through various activities among local communities.
    • Run various campaigns to encourage participation of the interested parties and game users.

Contact: csr@netmarble.com